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Taking the Complexity Out of the Shoulder Complex

Shoulder injuries are very common but often tricky to tackle; shoulder pain often stems from compensations elsewhere in the body. Learn the 7 Principle Pillars for a healthy shoulder from PT Tom Swales’ course, The Ultimate Guide to Shoulder Health Workshop and take the guesswork out of treating the shoulder.

Embodia's New In-House Telerehab Platform

In this blog, we will go into detail about the changes that Embodia has proactively taken to make the transition away from Zoom for Healthcare to Embodia's in-house telerehab platform simple and easy.

Top 10 Reasons to Date a Physiotherapist

Maybe you just landed a date with a physiotherapist and you’re wondering how it’s going to go. Or maybe you're a physiotherapist wondering how lucky your partner is or will be! Whatever your reasons are, two physio students/Embodia interns wrote this blog to show you 10 (out of many) reasons to date a physiotherapist!

Happy Pride Month! Let’s Talk Treating & Examining Males

In honour of Pride Season, we bring you highlights of the history of Canadian Pride and issues affecting male sexual health.

Jean-Luc Picard Understands Central Sensitization, Do You?

This blog is inspired by Carolyn Vandyken and Sinead Dufour’s latest webinar-turned-course ‘How to Measure and Treat Central Sensitization in the Clinic’. You’ll learn about Central Sensitization, a biopsychosocial assessment framework, clinical outcome measures, and more.

Eco-Friendly Physio - Lessons from the Lorax

Physiotherapy is already a pretty eco-friendly profession (yay us!). However, experts predict that a 70% reduction in CO2 emissions needs to be achieved by 2050 to mitigate the dire consequences of climate change. We can always do more to take care of our patients and our world. This blog will give you some expert tips on how you can help save the world. Be the change!

What Is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) & Are You Misdiagnosing It?

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is a disease that weakens the connective tissue of your body. It is a condition that you have very likely seen in your clinical practice but may not be aware of, which is why you should check this physiotherapy blog.

Men Have Pelvic Floors Too! How PTs Can Help Before and After a Prostatectomy

In a female-dominated profession, pelvic floor PTs treating males are hard to come by. This can result in men not receiving the help they need, withdrawing and having a decreased quality of life. This blog is based on our course, Male Pelvic Health, and focuses on prostate cancer and what PTs can do to help men pre- and post-operatively. Men have pelvic floors too!

Know Pain, Know Gain: What Patients Want to Know About Pain

So many patients feel frustrated because they haven't had their foundational questions about their pain answered after years of physical therapy. Do you know what these questions are? Learn what patients want to know about pain and how you can help them. We also threw in a little Italian history at no extra cost.

11 Tips to Pass the Canadian Physiotherapy Competency Exam

Get information on how to become a licensed physiotherapist in Canada and tips to increase your chances of passing the written PCE and provincial clinical exams. Let’s get you licensed!

Black Futures/Histories Month: Black Excellence in Canadian Physiotherapy in the Face of Inequity

To honour the accomplishments of Black Canadians, in February, we celebrate Black Futures/Histories Month. Learn about Black History Month, levels of racism, anti-Black racism in the physiotherapy profession and get to know a few Canadian Black-owned PT practices, all-star PTs, and organizations.

Billions of Years Ago, in 2020, COVID Changed Healthcare & We Launched Our Telerehab

Tired of COVID? Sometimes it feels like it has been here for 65 million years. Learn about the likelihood of future pandemics, current telerehab research and how to start using Embodia’s telerehab platform. Today’s blog also offers a trip down memory lane and some useful telerehab resources for PTs.

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