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PT Together Ep 12: Emergency Planning & Infection Control for Physiotherapy Clinics

PT Together Ep 12: Emergency Planning & Infection Control for Physiotherapy Clinics

PT Together Ep 12: Emergency Planning & Infection Control for Physiotherapy Clinics

May 26, 2020 - 19:00 (EDT)
1 hour

We have received many requests for examples of documentation as well as a discussion about emergency planning and infection control.

As clinics and healthcare facilities re-open, there are many considerations for both clinic owners and clinicians. 

On Episode 12 of PT Together we are going to discuss just that with Ben Fung and Emma Jack:

  • Adverse events or emergency planning during a telerehab session
  • Infection control policies for clinics

Register below. Spots are limited to the first 1000 clinicians.

Carly Waring and Laura Patrick of Kids Physio Group (KPG) will be joining us as well to discuss the policies & procedures they are putting into place.

Like most businesses, KPG was blindsided by the COVID-19 crisis in March and made the challenging decision to close all of their clinics down on Sunday, March 15th. After shutting down all operations for several days, they re-opened with telehealth on March 19th and were, fortunately, able to re-hire staff over the following weeks.

Though it would be months before returning to treatment inside their clinics, Kids Physio Group's leadership team began to research and prepare for re-opening as soon as systems for telehealth were completed. They read physiotherapy, massage, and even cosmetology best practices as they were released across Canada, and began to create their own set of policies and procedures that would ensure they- and their incredible team- would feel comfortable returning to in-person work when the government deemed it appropriate to do so.

Returning to the clinic during the COVID-19 crisis can be scary. Science and best practices and recommendations are changing every day, and that can make it overwhelming to keep up and make fact-based decisions. We hope that this webinar can support you in creating your own policies and best practices in your clinic.

The instructors
Emma Jack
PT, MClSc(Manip. Therapy), BSc(HKin), FCAMPT, Sport Dip.

Emma Jack is a sport and orthopedic physiotherapist and owns her own practice Press Play Physiotherapy and Pilates in London, Ontario. She is a graduate of McMaster University’s physiotherapy program and subsequently earned her Masters of Clinical Science in Manual and Manipulative Physical Therapy. Emma also holds her Sport Physiotherapy Diploma, is a Fellow of the Academy of Manual and Manipulative Physical Therapy and is a lead therapist with the Canadian National Women’s Hockey Team.

Sounds pretty cool, right? While those accomplishments and credentials do bring a sense of pride Emma also recognizes that many of those things are ultimately what also left her feeling intense anxiety, overwhelmed and burnt out.

Her credentials may span two lines on a business card but in recent years Emma has totally transformed her practice and her life in order to ensure that her career as a physiotherapist does not define her but rather she gets to define what it means to her. She feels passionate about sharing her story and journey so that those who identify with it know they are not alone. Everyone’s career path, goals and needs are different and Emma is fuelled by helping other health care providers and professionals on their journey to personal and professional success.

Dr. Ben Fung
PT, Co-Founder UpDoc Media

With a previous background in Bioengineering & Psychology, Ben has experienced every level of work in clinical healthcare, from laboring as an aide to serving as a program director; in settings such as major trauma hospitals to rural home care.

His career path has thematically revolved around innovation, business strategy, and public roles. Such roles have provided him substantial experience in organizational behavior, public outreach through news media and national conferences, multiple service line developments, market analysis, and operational optimization to which he has also had the privilege in consulting for venture capitalists, healthcare executives, and small business owners.

Ben is currently the COO & Co-Founder for UpDoc Media as well as CFO & Co-Founder for Recharge, a novel blend of Physio, CrossFit, and Mindfulness.

Kids Physio Group

Kids Physio Group sets the standard for pediatric physiotherapy, and is renowned globally for making physio FUN.

We were the first to provide this service in British Columbia and to be able to expand across Canada. We are proud to have treated thousands of children of all ages and abilities over the past 10 years. Babies, kids, and teens function differently from adults, and our space and team are equipped to provide the highest quality physiotherapy care, delivered in an engaging way.

Our specialized equipment and treatments focus on improving mobility, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, endurance, gross motor skills, cognition, motor planning, confidence, motivation, and more. With a large, experienced team we are able to provide custom programs based on each child’s distinct needs from birth to 18 years old.

Typically developing children with injuries, or those looking to extend or improve their athletic careers through pre-habilitation enjoy our open space, engaging equipment, and thoughtful treatment plans, while those with lifelong conditions benefit from the playfulness and our creative support to help them stay motivated in their rehabilitation journey.

Carly Waring
BKin, PGDip Business Analytics

Director of Growth & Operations at Kids Physio Group

Carly started working at Kids Physio Group in 2015 as a part-time receptionist. She quickly realized that although being a clinician wasn’t her dream, she loved the industry, and saw an opportunity to apply her operational skills to help Kids Physio Group scale and open new locations across Canada.

Luckily, Laura- Founder & CEO of Kids Physio Group- saw the potential there as well, and Carly has been in a senior management role at the company ever since. Carly is passionate about finding tangibility in big ideas, cultivating culture, solving problems, and learning at every opportunity. She has been an integral part of Kids Physio’s growth and operational success over the past five years, including their navigation of the COVID-19 crisis.

Laura Patrick

Physiotherapist, Clinic Owner, and CEO

Laura Patrick is the founder and owner of Kids Physio Group. With a passion for sports, she first graduated from UBC’s Human Kinetics (Exercise Science) program in 2001 before continuing on to receive her Masters in Physiotherapy from McMaster University in 2003.

Laura founded Kids Physio Group in 2006 in the most humble of surroundings. After 3 years working in the public system with school-aged kids, she recognized a need for all children to have a access to trained pediatric physiotherapists in clinic space designed just for them.

In the past few years, Laura has stepped back from clinical work. Although she still loves taking on the occasional baby motor milestone assessment and the opportunity it gives her to connect with parents, most of her efforts are dedicated to running Kids Physio Group and seeking out new partnerships and markets for us to expand into! On the personal front, Laura loves outdoor adventures with her family in Deep Cove, keeping up her fitness, explore new cities abroad and cooking and eating delicious food!

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