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Yoga and Science in Pain Care - A Patient-Valued Healthcare Revolution!
By: Nataliya Zlotnikov, HBSc, MSc

Do You Work With People Living With Pain?

You're in healthcare, fitness, and wellness, of course, you work with people in pain. 

Are you also looking for ways to better help these people?

If you are, you’re not alone!


The Effects & Burden of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain impacts every aspect of a person’s life and can often contribute to the loss of both physical and emotional function, affect a patient’s level of activity, and have economic consequences (Boston University School of Public Health, 2021).


Did You Miss the Boat? Take a Water Taxi!

In 2020/2021 we hosted a live 15-part virtual book club series to discuss the book Yoga and Science in Pain Care with its co-editors and authors. 

We didn't want you to miss out, so we made the entire series into one course

However, if you are curious about specific chapters only, each one is also available as a standalone course! However, we do feel that it makes for the best experience if you read the book and watch all the sessions, it is a book club after all.


Today's Blog

To help you preview the book and course/s/ we decided to run this blog series!

Each post will discuss one chapter.

Today's blog will present the book, its importance as well as offer a table of contents.

As we publish new blogs we will include their links here, so feel free to bookmark this blog and check back in monthly.



If you are in the mood, pick up the book, Yoga and Science in Pain Care: Treating the Person in Pain, and read along with us as we publish our blogs or as you make your way through these online healthcare courses.

Why Was This Book Written?

Watch the following short video to learn more about why Shelly Prosko, Neil Pearson, and Marlysa Sullivan took upon themselves the complex and important task of weaving together this essential resource.

This Book Is Part of the Healthcare Revolution!

An essential and often overlooked part of pain rehabilitation is listening to, working with, learning from, and validating the person in pain’s lived experience.

This book expounds on the movement towards a more patient-valued, partnership-based biopsychosocial-spiritual model of healthcare where the patient is an active and empowered participant, as opposed to a model where the healthcare provider is ‘fixing’ the passive patient.

It also explores how practitioners can address the entire human being in pain, and how to include the person as an expert for more effective and self-empowered care.


Click Here for the Full Course Series


In the Full Book Club Series You Will Gain

  1. A more thorough understanding surrounding the complexities of pain and science in pain care and pain management. 
  2. Learn how yoga philosophy and practices can be used as an effective and evidence-informed intervention and provide a biopsychosocial-spiritual framework in pain care.
  3. Practice, experience, and examine the application of yoga principles and practices in pain care.

This Book Is Intended For

This book and corresponding courses are not only for healthcare practitioners!

  • Practitioners including yoga therapists and healthcare practitioners interested in integrating yoga with their persistent pain population to expand their approaches in clinical practice.
  • Yoga teachers interested in understanding aspects of the science behind yoga and pain.
  • Medical/healthcare professionals who want to better understand pain or want to integrate yoga and mind/body practices.
  • Mind/body contemplative practitioners/researchers/clinicians who want to better understand pain science and how yoga as a mind/body practice works with people in pain.
  • Yoga practitioners or integrative health consumers who want an in-depth read with practical knowledge in this field.

Table of Contents: Chapters and Contributing Authors:

Below are the contents of each book chapter and their corresponding authors. Each course offers a discussion with the corresponding author on the topic of the chapter.

Yoga and Science in Pain Care Book Club Chapter titles and contributors

For a synopsis of each specific chapter and author bio, please visit the following PhysioYoga link.  

Our hope is that through this series you will gain a deeper understanding of pain, of people in pain, of yoga, and of course of the practices to help enhance pain care.

Click Here for the Full Series


Date written: 2 September 2020 
Last update: 03 November 2022

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