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A Time Capsule, by Carolyn Vandyken

A Book:
The Gift of Pain by Dr. Paul Brand so that I could challenge my thoughts and beliefs about pain from the beginning of my career

An Article:
"Pelvic Floor Muscle Training versus no treatment for urinary incontinence in women", Cochrane Collaboration 2014 so that I could have prevented my personal pelvic floor dysfunction that started with the birth of my son in 1989

My Advice:
Approach your career with high levels of intellectual curiosity

Carolyn Vandyken, BHSc (PT), Cred MDT, CCMA, is the co-founder of Pelvic Health Solutions and has practiced in a wide variety of clinical settings, focusing primarily on orthopedics. She has been a McKenzie credentialed physiotherapist since 1999 and has been a member of the Canadian College of Medical Acupuncture since 2002. Her clinical focus changed to Pelvic Health and Incontinence in 2001. She owned and managed her own clinical practice from 1999-2009; she then became the Clinical Practice Leader for Centric Health from 2009 to August 2015, mentoring and training pelvic health physiotherapists throughout Canada. Carolyn has spoken at over 50 conferences and grand round presentations throughout Canada and the United States. Carolyn was an invited speaker at the First World Congress for Abdominal-Pelvic Pain in Amsterdam (2013) on central pain mechanisms and abdomino-pelvic pain, and she has presented at various workshops at international conferences, including the NOI Pain and Neurodynamics conference in Adelaide, Australia (2012) and IPPS in 2014. Carolyn co-authored two peer-reviewed framework articles with Sandra Hilton on the assessment and treatment of persistent pelvic pain; they also wrote two chapters in International textbooks on Central Pain mechanisms and pelvic pain. Carolyn and Sandra just published the first book on patient-centered pain science education for pelvic pain, Why Pelvic Pain hurts, along with physical therapist, Adriaan Louw. Carolyn won the prestigious Woman of Distinction award from the YWCA in 2003 for her work in pelvic floor rehabilitation and the OPA’s excellence in education award in 2015.