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Introduction to Clinical Tai Chi

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  • Introduction to Clinical Tai Chi: System of Balance
  • System of Balance
  • Overview of Clinical Tai Chi System of Balance
  • History and philosophy of Clinical Tai Chi
  • History, Tai Chi styles and Philosophy
  • Evidence-Based Clinical Tai Chi Intro
  • Evidence-Based Clinical Tai Chi Introduction
  • Article: Tai Chi for Physiotherapy Practice (Dr. Mirella Veras)
  • An Evidence map of the effects of Tai Chi on health outcomes
  • Health benefits of Tai Chi: What is the evidence?
  • Introduction to Tai Chi Exercises
  • Tai Chi breathing
  • Opening and closing hands
  • Strong Tiger
  • Hip Flying Bird
  • High and Low tide
  • High and Low Tide Exercise exercise sheet
  • Waiving Hands Like Clouds- Hands only
  • Half moon foot
  • Clinical Tai Chi Instructor course
  • Competed course Video
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