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APTEI: Advanced Lower Extremity Complex

APTEI: Advanced Lower Extremity Complex

APTEI: Advanced Lower Extremity Complex

This course includes
The instructors


Upon completion of this online continuing education, the Physiotherapist (physical therapist) will be confident in applying evidence-based clinical assessment skills for the diagnosis and classification of individuals presenting with various common acute, sub-acute or persistent lower extremity pain syndromes.

(E.g. Hip & knee OA, PFPS, acetabular impingement, plantar heel pain, etc.)

Physiotherapist (Physical Therapists) will also be able to confidently identify several potential contributing factors to persistent pain and dysfunction at the hip, knee, foot and ankle complex.

Upon determining the diagnosis, classification and potential contributing factors, physiotherapist (physical therapists) will be able to administer the most effective treatment/management options including specific exercise/movement prescription, manual therapies and taping.


  • This program is restricted to Registered Physical Therapists who are licensed to practice in Canada, or PT students awaiting licensing.
  • There are NO prerequisites for this program
  • Prior completion of previous APTEI hip, knee and ankle courses is optional, but NOT compulsory

Tax Receipts provided on course date / $50.00 is non-refundable / No refunds for cancellations 2 weeks or less before course date


The instructors
Bahram Jam

Bahram is a physiotherapist and founder of the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute (APTEI). He's taught 1000+ continuing education courses to healthcare professionals across Canada & internationally.

He has instructed over one thousand post-graduate orthopaedic and pain science courses and has been a guest presenter at several physiotherapy and medical conferences across Canada and internationally.

His primary clinical approach is to identify relevant functional impairments and determine the best self-management strategy to maximize patient independence.

Patient Exercises included in this course
  • Lunge Hops with Exaggerated Trunk and Hip Flexion (ACL)
  • Clock Lunges with Opposite Side Rotation
  • Clock Lunges with Same Side Rotation
  • Clock Lunges
  • Clock Lunges: Diagonal Upward Twist (opposite direction)
  • Clock Lunges: Diagonal Upward Twists
  • Clock Hops: Short and Quick
  • Clock Jumps: Long
  • Clock Jumps: Short and Quick
  • Clock Lunge Hops
  • Clock Single Leg Balance Reach
  • Clock Forward Bending: Ankle to Shoulder Press
  • Clock Forward Bending: Knee to Bicep Curls
  • Half Clock Lunges
  • Clock Hops: Long
  • Half Clock Lunges
  • Walk Briskly
Patient Education included in this course
  • Concerned About Your Knee X-ray or MRI Findings?
  • Concerned About Your Hip X-Ray or MRI Findings?
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