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Sushi, Cocktails and Conversations: Episode 2

Sushi, Cocktails and Conversations: Episode 2

Sushi, Cocktails and Conversations: Episode 2

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This is the recording of the second episode of the webinar series 'Sushi, Cocktails & Conversations', where we chatted with Jodi Steele & Kate Smith.

In this online course, you will get:

  • The recorded live webinar
  • Resources
  • Bonus lessons from Jodi Steele's Oncology 1 online course

Topics for this webinar will include:

  • The top lessons learned starting and running a clinic
  • How to advertise your clinic and get new patients
  • The basic strategies and tips for working with patients who have cancer
  • What are the common contraindications for those with exercise

The Panelists:

Jodi Steele,  BKin, RPT 

Jodi earned her kinesiology degree in 1997 and a physiotherapy degree in 1999 from McMaster University. Upon graduation she co-developed an oncology rehabilitation program, Cancer Rehab-The Next Step. In 2005 her husband joined her and founded Cancer Rehab Inc., Canada’s first not-for-profit cancer rehabilitation centre.

In 2009, Jodi designed, developed and launched Wellspring’s Cancer Exercise Program, which continues to be delivered at sites throughout southern Ontario. For her innovative contributions to society, Jodi received the 2009 Arch Award from McMaster University.

Presently Jodi is a professor at Niagara College. She continues to educate peers through educational lectures focusing on cancer exercise and rehabilitation for health care professionals and lymphedema management in the home care setting.


Kate Smith, BKin., RKin., MSc. Onc. 

Kate has a Masters in Oncology and a background in Kinesiology and is focused on helping people living with cancer improve how they think, feel and function. Kate facilitates Cancer Exercise and Maximum Capacity’s Brain Fog programming at Wellspring Cancer Support Centres in the greater Toronto area (GTA). Kate believes that physical, cognitive and emotional rehabilitation after a cancer diagnosis is an important step in empowering people living with cancer.     



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  • Sushi, Cocktails and Conversations: Episode 2
  • Webinar Recording
  • Resources
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