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Resource Package: Yin Yoga - Addressing Connective Tissue Tension in the Hips, Pelvis and Low back

Resource Package: Yin Yoga - Addressing Connective Tissue Tension in the Hips, Pelvis and Low back

Resource Package: Yin Yoga - Addressing Connective Tissue Tension in the Hips, Pelvis and Low back

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Yin Yoga is particularly suited to help evoke the relaxation response; it also addresses connective tissue tightness around the hips, pelvis, low back and pelvic floor. The following videos outline the most popular and effective Yin postures for pelvic pain.  Yin yoga is not a restorative practice.  It is highly effective for persistent pelvic, low back and hip pain.

Nine postures are taught in this series of exercises.  They are a companion series to Pelvic Health Solution's course: Fascial Tension and the Pelvic Floor. There are two videos for each posture.  One is an instructional video, reviewing all of the key elements for teaching client's each of the eight postures.  The second video in each series is for home practice for the patient.  Video instructions for patients will allow them to quiet their mind and focus on the sensations in their body as they practice their yin yoga.


What’s included in this course?

  • 18 yin yoga exercises
  • Patient exercises that you can easily share with your patients on Embodia. For more information about Embodia for home exercise prescription, click here to watch a short video. When you sign up for this course you will get a one (1) month complimentary trial with the Embodia home exercise prescription software (for new registrations only).
  • Certification of completion. Once you've completed the course, you will receive a certificate for your professional portfolio.
  • There is no start date or completion date. You can complete the course at your own pace.
  • You will be sent a receipt as soon as you purchase this course. This receipt can be used for education grants (such as The Allied Health Professional Development Fund) and for tax purposes.
  • Bite-sized information: all of the content is broken down into bite-sized chunks, so that you can easily watch a video on your break, over lunch, or for a few minutes at night.
  • A Special Coupon for 15% off any other online course on Embodia Academy when you’ve completed this course!


This resource package is complimentary to the Pelvic Health Solutions course 'Fascial Connection to Restore Movement'.

The instructors
Carolyn Vandyken

Carolyn is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist who graduated from McMaster University in 1986 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy. She has spoken at over 50 conferences and grand round presentations throughout Canada and the United States. Carolyn co-authored the first book on patient-centred pain biology education for pelvic pain, Why Pelvic Pain Hurts, and also co-authored three peer-reviewed framework articles with Sandra Hilton on the assessment and treatment of persistent pelvic pain.

She co-owns a Canadian-based teaching company, Pelvic Health Solutions, and teaches internationally on the physiotherapy for pelvic floor problems. She also manages her own practice in Huntsville, Ontario.

Amber Morphy
Pelvic Floor Yoga Specialist
Amber practices a variety of styles of yoga, Ashtanga, Moksha and Yin. Her passion is YIN! She received her Fitness Theory Course and Group Instructors certification through the YMCA and has also attained her CPTN Yoga instructors certification. In August 2009, she had the good fortune to travelling to British Columbia and received her YIN Yoga Teacher Trainer under the guidance of Bernie Clark.
Course Material included in this course
  • Welcome!
  • Welcome to Yin Yoga!
  • Embodia App for Home Exercise Prescription
  • Half Butterfly
  • Half Butterfly Instruction (For PRACTITIONER)
  • Half Butterfly Practice (For PATIENT)
  • Half Butterfly Instruction (For PRACTITIONER) (Audio Only)
  • Half Butterfly Practice (For PATIENT) (Audio Only)
  • Twisted Roots
  • Twisted Roots Instruction (For PRACTITIONER)
  • Twisted Roots Practice (For PATIENT)
  • Twisted Roots Instruction (For PRACTITIONER) (Audio Only)
  • Twisted Roots Practice (For PATIENT) (Audio Only)
  • Butterfly
  • Butterfly Instruction (For PRACTITIONER)
  • Butterfly Practice (For PATIENT)
  • Butterfly Instruction (For PRACTITIONER) (Audio Only)
  • Butterfly Practice (For PATIENT) (Audio Only)
  • Shoelace
  • Shoelace Instruction (For PRACTITIONER)
  • Shoelace Practice (For PATIENT)
  • Shoelace Instruction (For PRACTITIONER) (Audio Only)
  • Shoelace Practice (For PATIENT) (Audio Only)
  • Swan / Sleeping Swan
  • Swan / Sleeping Swan Instruction (For PRACTITIONER)
  • Swan / Sleeping Swan Practice (For PATIENT)
  • Swan / Sleeping Swan Instruction (For PRACTITIONER) (Audio Only)
  • Swan / Sleeping Swan Practice (For PATIENT) (Audio Only)
  • Sphinx and Seal
  • Sphinx and Seal Instruction (For PRACTITIONER)
  • Sphinx and Seal Practice (For PATIENT)
  • Sphinx and Seal Instruction (For PRACTITIONER) (Audio Only)
  • Sphinx and Seal Practice (For PATIENT) (Audio Only)
  • Dragon
  • Dragon Instruction (For PRACTITIONER)
  • Dragon Practice (For PATIENT)
  • Dragon Instruction (For PRACTITIONER) (Audio Only)
  • Dragon Practice (For PATIENT) (Audio Only)
  • Child's Pose
  • Child's Pose
  • Child's Pose (Audio Only)
  • Frog
  • Frog Instruction (For PRACTITIONER)
  • Frog Practice (For PATIENT)
  • Frog Instruction (For PRACTITIONER) (Audio Only)
  • Frog Practice (For PATIENT) (Audio Only)
  • Shavasana
  • Shavasana (Audio Only)
  • 30 Minute Practices
  • The Front Side of the Body and Hips
  • The Back Side of the Body and Hips
  • Sleep Practice
  • The Front Side of the Body and Hips (Audio Only)
  • The Back Side of the Body and Hips (Audio Only)
  • Sleep practice (Audio Only)
Patient Exercises included in this course
  • Sleep Practice
  • Posterior & Back Side of Body
  • The Inner Thigh & the Front Side of the Body
  • Sphinx and Seal Practice
  • Dragon Practice
  • Swan / Sleeping Swan Practice
  • Child's Pose
  • Frog Practice
  • Shavasana (Audio Only)
  • Butterfly
  • Shoelace Practice
  • Twisted Roots Practice
  • Half Butterfly Practice